Serena Pools Ltd.

Chemicals and Accessories sales

The list of pool accessories available on the market today is ever increasing and while some are necessities, like automatic swimming pool cleaners, others will make your pool or spa easier to look after or just simply more stunning.

Serena Pools can provide most accessories to suit most needs, from basic pumps and skimmer baskets to top of the range underwater lights and speaker systems.  We have even provided some of our previous clients who used their pool for serious home swimming with a counter-current swimming pool unit.  The counter-current swimming pool unit works by producing jets of water that you swim against at the touch of a button and works like a treadmill in water.

Serena Pools can also supply all the chemicals you need for your swimming pool, such as chlorine tablets and granules, ph increaser, ph & alkalinity reducer, algicide and test strips as well.

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