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Automatic Pool Covers

It is a well known fact that swimming pool covers can offer cost benefits and are also an important safety feature, especially if you have young children or pets in your household.   If your pool is unattended or simply not in use, a pool cover will be strong enough to hold the weight of a small child or an animal. You also have no need to worry about the risk of electrocution as an electronic pool cover works on a low voltage system.

A pool cover will also reduce the heat and chemicals that are naturally lost from an uncovered pool making it a cost effective decision, and due to new building legislation introduced in 2010 swimming pools are now taken into account when calculating energy efficiency.

Serena Pools are specialists in automatic pool covers and it does not matter what size or shape your pool is, or whether it is new or old.  Whatever your priority might be, whether it is safety first or a pool cover that is aesthetically pleasing, at Serena Pools we can offer a solution that is perfect for you.

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